I have recently had an interest in learning about the equipment needed for surviving in a Bug Out situation. In learning the proper tools and equipment to have, I have also started backpacking and tent camping some. More recently, I started having an interest in bushcraft. What I have found is, there are a lot of similar tools required in each of these, especially having a decent knife. I would love to hear what any of you think about the mix of these different activities. I am still learning and having fun as I do so. I got several items for Christmas that will be used in a combination of these activities. Here are the items I got.

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dead_left_knife_guy said:

And what's the maker of that stove?

I missed this question earlier. It is made by BRS and is similar to the MSR Pocket Rocket, but quite a bit cheaper. After watching a review video, It seemed to be comparable to the MSR version, so I took a chance on it. The guy who did the review, said, the biggest difference was, the BRs is louder, but works just as well.

I acquired a new piece of outdoor gear this past weekend. A friend of mine has been making these wool pullovers. I really wanted one and was able to work out a trade with him. 


I LOVE IT!  Does he take orders?

Jan Carter said:


I LOVE IT!  Does he take orders?

Yes, he does take orders, Jan. He usually charges $130 for them. I have never seen them any cheaper. I will have to see if I can get him to join as a member here. It definitely a knife guy too. 

I dig that too!  At $130, I'd definitely be interested in finding out more (especially since it looks double layered!).  Does he do standard sizing, or are they custom fitted?  Jeremy, you should get commissions, sounds like you might have found some sales for your friend!  :P

Here is a little addition, that I just finished making, to my camping gear. I made this collapsible buck saw from ash wood, which should hold up quite well. I still need to put some boiled linseed oil on it, but it should cut. 

Very cool Jeremy

Thank you John. I have already upgraded it. LOL I decided to alter it so I can cut larger diameter logs. 

I just got back from a Bushcraft camping trip yesterday. I had a great time hanging out with some old friends and making new ones. I was also able to pick up a few new pieces of gear.

I love it when you go to these.  We get to hear about new gear and I love it that the kids are learning to appreciate outdoor activities with safety guidelines.  It sets them up for success in life


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