'The Lance' has always been much more collectable than the five knives in the Schrade American Indian Tribute Series <Native American>.
It has always been associated with the Schrade Series however had nothing to do with it even though produced in very similar style.
It was made by USA Schrade for Montgomery Ward for a Xmas Promotion in 1983. Because there were only some 2500 pieces in this production <considerably less than the others> The Lance has always been the hardest to obtain for dedicated Schraders trying to put all 6 knives in their display...

Whilst the other five have not really held their values in relation to original purchase prices..'The Lance' has, and usually brings a premium of up to US$100 +, more than the others bring in mint box set with original bling....The others are lucky to bring US$100 odd per intact set at the moment.....

Morning Star 1982 - 10,000 pieces
Kachina 1983 -10,000 pieces
Turtle 1984 -10,000
Bear Cult 1985 -10,000
Sundance 1986 - 8000 pieces.

Unofficially part of this Series for Schrade Collector purposes....'The Lance' -2500 pieces.

They are attractive sets with their beaded sheaths and meaningful Scrimshaw designs depicting various history on Native American traditional Culture/Rituals...most are still mint/meaning unused, apart from the conditions they have been kept in...<some now less than pristine or missing bling