But I did want to share...
Here are most of the 'nives that I have kicking around. Only a couple are what people might consider 'quality' knives. The RH44 was my great uncle's. And I have a pair of Buck 112s from the late 80's. The normal brass one and a nickle-silver one.

Obviously the few bayonets are not included here.

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Comment by Tim yesterday

I think you have a great mix of traditional, modern folder, and multi-tools.

Comment by Kevin Drummond on Saturday

G'morning Lars,

Thank you for sharing those articles.

Those certainly help put things things in a better perspective.for me.  Thanks again.

Feel free to revisit those bayonets anytime.  I did recently post a update for my little Swiss collection, and a nice 1906 was found and added.  That one is certainly the rarest bayonet in that group.

Comment by Kevin Drummond on Saturday

Good morning folks.

Sorry I didn't do anything on here last night.  I was working on a set of new grips for a "remote hole puncher".

I am realizing that in several of my interests that I see brought together in knives (and knife making) naturally extend into many other areas.  Some of this I can post in certain groups, but some of the other projects?  They dont really fit into any groups that I know about at this point.  Perhaps too many interests for one person?  LOL!

That is a nice looking collection Brian.  You can certainly see a common couple of themes coming through in your collection.  You have a few brands in there that are pretty well regarded.  Cant wait to see more as it progresses.  You just got a nice SpiderCo so you are continuing to add some nice pieces.  :)

Comment by Brian on Friday

That's not pathetic at all!  I think it's a beautiful collection!  It's no worse than mine!

Comment by Lars Ray on Friday

Ha ha ha! I love it! And if you ever start feeling puny about your collection again, just re-post those bayonets of yours...those had me drooling the first time!

After reading your comments to Jan, I found these two blog posts that may interest you. They're old - but still relevant, and it shows that your're not the only one with such a self-perceived collection. Take time to read some of the comments as well - they are equally enlightening.



Comment by Kevin Drummond on Friday

Lars,  Thank you for the encouragement!  I just never thought my knives were anything special.  Except for my uncle's RH44.  I did not know what that was until sort of recently.  I just treasured the knife because it was his.  Without much in the way of markings, it was difficult to figure out what it was.  A guy named Rocky helped me out with the ID and additional information.  I was shocked to learn that it was fairly sought after.


The traditional folder under the two Rapala fillet knives? 

That is just a Rigid that a guy gave me when I stopped during a trip and helped him out.  His truck had left him stranded, and I was able to help get him on his way again.  I tried to tell the guy that I always carried some sort of knife/tool (I seem to like those Leathermans), but he insisted that I take it.  I have never even looked up anything about the knife, as I was/am pretty sure it is just a super basic, beater knife.  However, if you are asking about it... you have piqued my curiosity now.  I might have to try to look it up tomorrow.

Thanks again for the kind words!

Hold up Lars.  let me tag along and drool over those collections with you.   :)

Comment by Lars Ray on Friday

Alright Kevin...looks like we're going to have to sit you down and tell you like is around here!  :-D

Simple fact - if you love your collection, then we all love your collection! JJ said it first.

I can see they are loved, well cared for, used, and well presented. Pathetic? Not hardly. Anemic? Well, that depends on what you are comparing to....quantity? Brand? Spit & polish?

You keep on posting these photos and you hold you head up high my friend! 

OK...'nuff said. Let's go drool over Denis Hilbar's photo album of his Don Graves collection, or Dead_Left_guy's Kershaw hoard!  :-D

Comment by Jan Carter on January 13, 2022 at 19:43

Hey now, that is a good looking collection. Got 2? You have a knife collection so yours is a pretty good size LOL. First traditional under the fixed blades, the brown one, is it an Uncle Henry or a Frontier?

Comment by Kevin Drummond on January 13, 2022 at 17:31

he heh!

Thanks guys!

I guess I have been seeing too many photos of Jay's collection (and several other's) that make my humble collection look positively anemic.

Comment by Dennis Hibar on January 13, 2022 at 15:37

What J.J. said!

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