This is the Hunting Dagger by Ash Blades, a capable side arm reminiscent from the times of yore. Where classic hunting daggers used by nobles on horseback are typically anywhere from 18 to 30 inches in length, this one comes in at an overall 14 1/2 inches in length.

This full tang Hunting Dagger features a hefty 9 1/2 inch double edge spear point blade, solid brass cross guard and pommel, and black linen Micarta handle with brass pins.

It may not be the length of a classical hunting sword for the forests of Germany, but it’s a worthy pig sticker nonetheless!

Blade Style: Double-edged spear point
Blade Type: 440C Stainless Steel, Hollow grind, Satin Finish
Blade Length: 9.5"
Blade Gauge: 4.86 mm
Handle: 5" ; Black Linen Micarta; Brass Guard & Pommel, Brass pins
Tang: Full Tang
Overall length: 14.5"
Weight: 560 g

Obverse Markings: "Ash"; "440c steel"
Reverse Markings: None
Guard / Pommel: None
Custom File Work: None

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Comment by Lars Ray on September 12, 2021 at 23:39

DLKG - Thanks brother...I appreciate your comments.

So the story behind these knives are a bit....what's the word....dodgy. Not in a dishonest way, just not in a full disclosure way. A good portion of my Ash knives (many of which have not yet been posted) were purchased from the dealer on Ebay named damascus007, all prior to 2016. While the Ebay site always remained the same, the off-bay web site kept changing, and site pages were never fully implemented - lots of pages "under construction" all the time. 

This dealer - damascus007 - is still on Ebay, and still sells unbranded Ash knives, some knife blanks, and now sheaths and wallets. I started noticing subtle changes earlier this year in particular - things like fewer finished knives, branding style changes, and more accessories. I originally thought damascus007 was done with the Ash brand.

Then after a deep search this past July as a matter of fact, I came across Ash Gears Canada - Premium Handmade Knives: https://ashgears.com/home

This is the new (and latest) web site for damascus007 - their physical addresses are the same. For whatever reason unknown to me, all the styles and frames I recognize are now here, and are no longer being presented on Ebay. Ash Gears is also now pricing them at a much higher price point too - this Hunting dagger is now $149.00 USD. And worth it!

The site is worth reviewing - they have some really great pieces. Sadly for me, just not at the Ebay price. They have also really expanded their Damascus offerings too. Many of the 440C frames are now also done in Damascus. 

For a long time (2010 - 2016) Ash knives took a lot heat across the forums - the usual gripe about not being able to trust the steel, will it hold up, is it real Damascus, that kind of trash talk for the price points. Funny though - not one of them ever wrote a review on an Ash knife. I just had to see for myself, so I bought one, then another, then another. I was hooked. At one time, I owned 62 Ash knives....I now have 39. And I love every one of them. 

There is also this Ash dealer - Black Iron Canada, and they continue to show many of the Bowie frames and styles I used to find on Ebay - pretty much at the old Ebay price points too. No daggers though.

Sorry I got a bit wordy in responding - you showed an interest...somehow just giving you the newly found web site was too easy!  :-)

Comment by dead_left_knife_guy on September 12, 2021 at 21:35
Lars, I am really digging these Ash Blades -- especially the daggers! So much so that I had to try to track them down -- & it looks like they no longer have a website?!? Bummer if something happened to the company or the person / people running it... Regardless, great knives, man. You have a great taste!

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