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Fun Summer Project for My Granddaughter

My 10 year old granddaughter has been into photography for several years now, growing her skills with her dad's "hand-me-down" digital cameras. This last Christmas, she got all rigged out with new tripod, new camera bag, memory cards, and a bunch of other great camera gear. Earlier this summer she was showing me some of her photos...lots of them...and I was actually surprised! I mean I have to like them all....she's my granddaughter. But I was impressed with her eye and her skills of working…


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Sheaths, Scabbards, Frogs, and Throgs

I was wandering around some of the older discussions recently and I came across one that grabbed my interest. Eight years ago, iKC member Robert Burris started a discussion called “Knife Carry?” and asked the question “What is the difference between a "Sheath"...." Scabbard"... or "Frog?"…


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The Cutting Edge: Collecting Inexpensive Knives

Spend any time on the internet whatsoever looking up knife stuff, and you’re bound to hit a few dozen discussions regarding “cheap” knives. In this context, cheap is referring to poor quality in materials, construction, performance, or any combination thereof. Today, cheap knives are almost synonymous with anything made in China, Pakistan, or other parts of Asia.

This is unfortunate, because many inexpensive knives come from these same regions, and they are anything but cheap. Even…


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The Cutting Edge: Hidden Gems - the ugly ducklings of knives

We all have them…those knives we bought some time ago…years maybe…that we really did not intend to add to our collections. We see them as disposable tools, junk knives, knives not worth mentioning or are too embarrassing to admit you ever owned.

I have a handful of such knives – those blades I purchased for a specific need at the time and really didn't care if I ever lost it, broke it, had it stolen (no such luck), or just neglected it because I no longer cared about it.



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Open Views – Part 2 of 2: Survival Knives

Part 2 of this blog is dealing with Survival knives, both as an item and a legit category for collecting.

The bone of contention that was vocalized some time ago is that there is no such thing as a tactical knife or a survival knife – rather, these terms are marketing terms to sell more knives. (Tactical knives are discussed in Part 1).

While I have a different opinion on the matter, I can’t throw out the whole argument because some of it is true – many companies and makers do…


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Open Views – Part 1 of 2: Tactical Knives

When it comes to knife collecting, there are probably as many types of collectors as there are categories of knives to collect – from purists to novices, open-minded to staunch believers, early adapters to Luddites, and everything in between.

I like to think of myself as one who knows why I collect what I collect – evolving technologies notwithstanding – and stands behind it unless a better argument comes along that challenges my thought processes enough to either broaden my…


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