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I am so very pleased to announce a selection for the 2012 iKnife Collector knife. Our selection is:

From GEC a Whittler, specifically #570312 Northfield UN-X-LD, jigged Pioneer bone. The blade is 1095 Carbon Steel. The knife will include the traditional Wharncliffe (cut swedge), Pen and Coping blades(inside cut swedges) that are polished. The main blade will have the Northfield Tang Stamp. Bolsters on the knife will be Lined and /Dimpled.

The Shield will be our iKC shield used last year and an etch this year -see the picture. It will not contain serial numbers but will come with a tube under the Northfield label and have a Certificate of Authenticity(COA)

The price for this years knife is $123 USD plus $7 us and $15 international.  All shipping is  through the US postal service.

As last year, all knives must be prepaid.

We do need your names and addresses to coordinate the list with GEC. Please send an email to myself or Jan Carter with your name and address of where you want your knife shipped.

Payment:  For the processing,  Jan  is putting together a spread sheet with correct names, addresses and method of payment.

This year we are pleased to offer payment through PayPal. Click on the link and pay from your email address to sales@greateasterncutlery.net  Just click on the link below, but don't forget to give us you name and address and quantity ordered. We need to keep the list for GEC.

Paypal instructions


From (your email address)

To     sales@greateasterncutlery.net

Anyone choosing to do a Money Order or personal check to GEC should still give us your name and address and mail their payment to:

Great Eastern Cutlery
701 East Spring Street
Unit 10 Building 2
Titusville , Pennsylvania 16354

Please make sure your name and the words IKC knife are on the payment.

On behalf of Scott King our founder, the selection committee and all the members of iKC we sincerely appreciate your continued interest and participation in our community.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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