Well the last contest seemed to zip by with Peter's nice win.  I had expected a more difficult time and a little longer contest.  I even had at least one Tip to give you guys.

You're just too knife knowledgeable.  There is always someone at iKC who can deduce the answer....which is good.  But it always seems more fun when they go for at least 3-44 days.  You guys get me laughing I'll tell ya.

So, we will move forward with Contest #4.

I think it will take a little longer, I tried to make it more of a challenge,  so I do have some Tips to hand out and a way to provide the tips without benefiting some players and leaving others out.  I will probably start the tips on Day 3 of the contest.

The contest:

  • Photos of five (5) various pocket knives are below.
  • other data is below the photos,  including the tang information for each of the five knives and the value for each.  This value is the price that I paid.  In some instances this is more than five years ago so today's value may be higher.

The Rules:

For each of the five (5) knives you must match the photo to the tang info to the price.

The photos are listed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The tang information is listed A, B, C, D, E

The value information  is listed as i, ii, iii, iv, v

Pay attention to the rules

What do you have to do?  What is the dang objective??

The idea is to match each photo to it's tang information and it's value.

So one answer would look like 1,A,i  OR  4,C,v.  These answers will be called "sets". so with 5 knives your full answer will include five sets because you need to match all 5 knives.

NOTE: the above "answers" are just for instruction they are NOT real "answers"

Giving your answers:  You can provide one answer (five sets) each day

The contest will run for 7 days beginning Monday June 26th thru 5 pm Pacific Time on Monday July 2nd to give just over a full 7 days

Because I think this will be difficult I will give hints at times during the next week.

You can only give ONE answer each day, so you can give up to a total of 7 answers but if you give more than one answer in one day you will be disqualified

The photos, one group pic and five individual:

Knife 1

Knife 2

Knife 3

Knife 4

Knife 5

The Tang information

A:     <R>/Russell & Co./Green River

B:     U.S.A.

C:     Shur-Snap/Colonial

D:     Ideal K.Co./U.S.A.

E:    Victorinox/Switzerland/Stainless/Rostfrei

The Values

i:     $295

ii:     $155

iii:    $150

iv:     $10.23

v:      $21.58

Questions? Ask your questions before you make your answer.  Once you answer for the day, the answer counts even if you had a question or made a mistake and gave the same answer someone else gave yesterday.

Prize:  The prize is a choice between a Barlow, a nice advertisement knife or a nice vintage red handled knife from Imperial.  I will post photos and the winner chooses.

The contest starts NOW

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In Memoriam
Comment by Robert Burris on July 2, 2012 at 16:42

Alright Steve, way to go! Thanks Lee for a great contest and some great prizes.

Comment by Lee Saunders on July 2, 2012 at 16:17

July 2nd, Latest answers

ok here we go

stephen Tungate  Knife 11 of 2, knife 2 1 of 2, knife 3 2 of 2, knife 4 1 of 2, knife 5 2 of 2 Total=7 of 10=70%

Robert Burris #2:   Knife 1, 2  of 2; knife 2, 1 of 2; knife 3, 2 of 2; knife 4, 1 of 2, knife 5, 1 of 2   Total 7 of 10=70%

Hog Hanner #2:  Knife 1 2 of 2; knife 2, 2 of 2; knife 3, 2 of 2; knife 4, 2 of 2; knife 5, ........

2 of 2.   Total  10 of 10=100%


I think you picked a knife but remind me.  Mssg me your address and I will mail your prize.

Good job.

In Memoriam
Comment by Robert Burris on July 2, 2012 at 13:39

Well, boys and girls, I have decided through, stistical compilation,lol, that this is the correct answer:  1DIV....2BII...3AIII...4EI...5CV.

Comment by stephen tungate on July 2, 2012 at 12:02

well lee here goes nothing.1-d=I ... 2 -b-v... 3-a-III.... 4-e-IV....5-c-II thanks.......

Comment by Lee Saunders on July 2, 2012 at 10:22

Monday July 2nd Clue:

The Monday Clue is:  I will score your entries from this point forward in public and will score them like this:

Example:  say your entry was 1Ai  the first number (1) is always right, it is the number of the knife.  So I score the next two.  Let's say A is right and i is wrong as an example only   I would score it as 1 of 2.  I will do that for each of the 5 knives but I will NOT tell you what part you got right.  So, unless you get both parts right and score 2 of 2 for a knife you still have some guessing to do.  Make sense?

Where you get some help is from other guesses.

Robert and Steve:  since you answered before I gave this clue and because your scores can help others you get a free entry for today only.  So you can make a second guess today.

Robert Burris:  Knife 1 1 of 2; knife 2 1 of 2; knife 3, 2 of 2; knife 4, 1 of 2; knife 5, 1 of 2.  Total 6 of 10=60%, 1 "set" correct

Steve "Hog" Hanner:  Knife 1, 0 of 2, knife 2, 1 of 2; knife 3, 2 of 2; knife 4, 1 of 2; knife 5, 0 of 2.  Total  4 of 10=40%, 1 "set" correct

In Memoriam
Comment by Robert Burris on July 2, 2012 at 8:46

Sorry, I just couldn't play yesterday, my guess is;  1DV....2BII....3AIII....4EIV....5cI...Oh well.

Comment by Wayne Whitted on July 1, 2012 at 16:10

Hmmm... well my guess will be 1,D,V -- 2,B,i --3,A,iii --4,E,iv -- 5,C,ii

Comment by Lee Saunders on July 1, 2012 at 13:33

As a college kid it was one of the cars I really wanted.  Later I bought a Cutlass Supreme with a 403ci.  It moved well but by then cars here had catalytic converters which stole tons of power, plus it weighed quite a bit more than the smaller 442.

If I had a ollection I think that car would be my Oldsmobile entry.

Comment by Lee Saunders on July 1, 2012 at 11:19

The July 1st Clue:

For July 1st we have a three part clue that may or may not help you.

We all remember and love the iconic 442.

We can all repeat easily what the 442 stood for right?

The first "4" stood for more than 400 cubic inches of muscle.

The second "4" stood for the number of barrels in the carbuerator.

A lot of people struggle to remember that the "2" stood for the number of tailpipes.

With this contest we have our own 442!!

  • the first "4" stands for knife #4, the Neogard.  If you figure out which knife this is it could clue you on the tang mark and you just might claw your way to victory!
  • the second "4" is the 4th tang mark.  The Ideal Knife Co.  It's just a little fishy ain't it/?
  • the "2" is the 2nd Value.  $155 is the value of the only NOS and if you go thru my blog entries you just might figure out which knife that is which could lead you to the right tang mark.

So "442" could be the key to winning this contest.

Have fun everyone!

Comment by stephen tungate on July 1, 2012 at 9:00

here is my guess lee--- 1-d-II .... 2-b-I.... 3-a-III.... 4-e-IV..... 5-c-V  thanks for having this contest lee it is fun......

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