I don't often narrow my comments to USA but this holiday is one that is very close to my heart

I am a brat!  I was raised being moved from country to country, state to state and base to base.  It was honestly a privilege.  I learned that no matter where you are in the world at 4PM every day, you stopped, placed your hand over your heart, listened to the National Anthem followed by Taps.  You learned early that God and Country were to be respected and those lost remembered.

I was well into my 20's before I did not live on or around a base or spent more time with civilians than those in uniform.  A number of years later a dear friend saw my globe and laughed.  WHO has one of those anymore??  Well I do but maybe because I see it is a different type of map.  

A spin of the globe brings a rush of memories, but not just of places I have been.  I can spin that globe and land somewhere, almost every time, where we lost someone.  Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, just spin and point, I bet you can do the same.

Now, look at how small our country is on that globe.  Those men and women went so far away and gave so much, just so that I could have some input on what my life will be like here at home.

Life gets hectic, everyday is filled with 36 hours worth of things that must be done.  Something as simple as a family BBQ takes a couple days of planning and setting up.  Sometimes 4PM comes and goes and I am remiss in remembering that which was so basic in my younger years.

Memorial day is about those that did not come home.  Those that gave their all, and for me, the families that were serenaded by a lonely bugle playing Taps.

So This weekend, enjoy!  Hold your loved ones close, express your views on whats happening in the world (you have that right), fire up that grill and make a steak or just some veggies (you have the right to chose).  But at some point during the day, close your eyes and remember to say Thanks!

OH!  and use a knife!!

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Comment by Charles Sample on April 13, 2018 at 19:59

Very well said Jan.  Far too many people today have no idea how high a price was paid by so many for the freedom that they have or what it takes to keep that freedom.

Comment by Ms Data on May 27, 2016 at 20:00

Wonderfully said Ms. Jan.

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