The wife and I where discussing my knife collection. She thinks I'm going a little overboard so we came up with a new rules.

If I buy a knife and I already have one of the same pattern I need to sell one.

The way to get around this is. I got her to agree that I could have more than one if I'm using one for a edc.

Another way to get around this is she does not tell me what to price them for. So I can just price them high enough that if a person does buy them I can get a real nice one to replace it with.

Also there are the knives that I buy just to resell. They don't count !

 Now I know that I want to upgrade some knives in my collection and as I buy new ones I need to get rid of a few old ones.I also love to get new patterns.

I think I have this all figured out but for some reason I have a feeling that something is not going to work out. She has got to have a trick up her sleeve. She just agreed to easy and I have never been able to get one over on her yet.

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In Memoriam
Comment by Robert Burris on November 10, 2013 at 12:47

You guys are lucky, I wish my wife was still here to complain or agree with my knife collection. She let me do what I wanted as long as a long list of responsibilities, were met. She loved some of my knives as much as me. I own only one Randall made knife but it was her favorite and she would tell people about it.

  Lee, if your wife loves you and you love knives, she will find a way to appreciate your collection, as long as you take care of that list, I mentioned earlier. Good luck, with her, just hope it's a trick up her sleeve and not a knife.....lol

    Tom, I think we all would like to see more of your collection.

Comment by Jan Carter on November 10, 2013 at 11:56


I love to hear that the knives will stay in the family and that your wife will even attend some shows.  I look forward to meeting you both at a show soon!

Comment by Brad T. on November 10, 2013 at 11:55
Make that 1000 more. I find it hard to pull myself away from 150+ collection, I would be late for everything if I had that many knives to choose from.
Comment by Brad T. on November 10, 2013 at 11:49
I think that your collection is the largest on iKC. You easily have 1200 more than me. I am anxious to see pictures of these beauties, especially the Schrades. I have not much research into Canal Street, but you stated in an earlier post that a former Schrade President is running the show there. I may look into them for offerings.
Comment by Tom Chase on November 9, 2013 at 6:12
My wife is very understanding about my knife collecting disease....LOL. I have converted our basement family room into my Knife Room. I have a lot of large floor model displays, wall hanging displays, counter top displays and individual knife displays throughout the room.i continue to buy empty displays and fill them with whatever knives I want, whether its the original insert that came with the display or if its one that I set up the way I want. My wife has even attended some knife shows with me, although its not her thing, and I, in return, take her to her knitting.loom festivals and wineries. It's a great give and take relationship...we have been married 31 years and I think I will hang onto her a while longer. The only down side of my collecting is that she nags me about keeping up with a good inventory, to include knife values, for insurance purposes and in the event that something significant happens to me. She said that she isn't going to be a widow attending knife shows to sell her late husbands collection....LOL. I told her not to worry because the knives would be passed on to our grandchildren. I am very fortunate to have a wife that understands my passion and supports me in my collecting disease. I have grown my collection to 1000+ Schrade USA knives, 125+ Canal Street Cutlery knives and approximately 100 Tactical & Military knives.
Comment by Donald Lee Hargrove on July 19, 2013 at 10:50

My wife and I have an understanding --  If I don't complain about the cost of her tattoos, she won't complain about my knives.

Comment by Craig Henry on July 16, 2013 at 0:58

I'm like you Steve. I AM on a budget, though at times it probably doesn't seem like it. We had a bit of a wind fall the past couple of months so we treated ourselves. Otherwise I get a portion of my Social Security as an allowance. And of course I spend it on knives.

And I'm like you Ron, I don't drink, smoke, or gamble. Shoot, I don't even have a cell phone plan......'cause I don't have a cell phone! LOL!

Comment by Craig Henry on July 15, 2013 at 16:54

Luckily, Cass likes knives almost as much as me! And unfortunately my "defined range of knives" is "does it have a blade or blades"! LOL!

Comment by peter force on July 15, 2013 at 12:25

LOL... i have heard it all... from "hey when you send the knives incude a note that they were all GIFT knives because my wife opens all my packages and checks them.{DIVORCED}

  this as just to much... i knew a guy that collected knives all year round...but had them sent almost always to his brothers house... then his brother would pack them up in what looked like some old clothes once about every 3-4 months... all just to lie to his wife...IMAGINE THE MONEY BEING WASTED ON THE SHIPPING ALONE!{again ,divorced now} ... im about where CHUCK is..although i am going through the big D myelf..it didnt have to do with money or knives.

i remember when i would go to my knife meets and i one time actually brought a awesome box my wife bought me with different levels and compartments perfect for carrying knives... no one cared about the knives in the box... they were all busy ohhhing and ahhhing over the fact that my wife bought me anything that had to do with knives.
i mean they were in SHOCK.. must have talked 20 minutes about just the fact that my wife gave me a knife related anything.it  floored these guys..some of the guys are on this club just not active.LOL!

Comment by J.J. Smith III on July 15, 2013 at 8:22
Used to be that whenever we went to the mountains or to the beach, I'd buy a knife. Not any more. I won't buy one, these days, just to satisfy a craving.
If it's not within my defined range of knives, it'll stay on the shelf.

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