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We had a discussion earlier about sharpeners and which ones we used most. I would like to address these little (or not so little) tools that seem to fall to the wayside when it comes to knife collecting.

The knife in your sheath or pocket is only as good as the stone you use to sharpen it with. Everybody knows that a dull knife just wont get the job done, so, I want to talk just a little about my stone that i like most.

I was a teenager when my parents bought a house and in the attic was a cigar box that had many things in it from years past. Among these items was a homemade slingshot, a few marbles, a boy scout pocket watch, a report card from 1934, and an old sharpening stone. This thing had been used, used, and used some more. I had many stones by this time but thought "what the heck. I'll give this one a shot."

End result, It was my go to stone for many years. It had served it's previous owner very well in the past, and served me well for the years that followed. There came a time when I looked at it with just as much joy as I did my pocket knives.

When that happened I gently put it on the shelf to "let it rest".

I have since started rescuing old discarded stones and sharpening tools from everywhere I could find 'em.

They are, like the knives we hold so dear, an important part of our life. These unsung heroes perform their duties so the knives that glide across them can do theirs.

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Comment by Steven Matthew on December 18, 2012 at 20:48
Craig, that's a good way to put it!!!
Comment by Steven Matthew on December 18, 2012 at 20:44
Funny thing, Jan, that's how it felt

Comment by Craig Henry on December 18, 2012 at 17:36

I love sharpeners.....of all kinds!!

You know, I hardly ever use my Arkansas stones much anymore. But I always thought there was nothing like steel "biting" into a good Arkansas stone! Hmmm, I might get them out the next time I have to sharpen some steel!

Comment by Jan Carter on December 18, 2012 at 17:15

HERE HERE!!!!!!!

We have collected hones for a few years now and it started about the same way.  Someone gave us an old one..just because.  Donnie uses it to this day even on knives he is making.

This is a fantastic story and I can almost see you looking down at that stone one day thinking, it is time now my friend :)

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