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What is the right size knife to take hunting with you

What is the right size knife to take hunting with you? There are many different knive's people take hunting with them.but what size is the right size.from hunting big game to hunting small game. There are many knife's to choose from. Say for instance you go deer hunting and your gun jam's and you run into a bear that does not want you around I'm sure you would not want to pull out a skin'in knife.or if you got lost and had to cut wood to survive I don't think a 4 inch knife will work. So what is the right size to take to the field with you? I would think you would need a least a 7 to 9 inch knife.What do you guy's think you would have on you in that situation?....

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Comment by Andy Voelkle "AxeMan" on November 3, 2011 at 13:37

When hunting with a long gun I always carry a sidearm as a backup. We don't much worry about bears here, like my friends in the Smokies or Alaska have to. My sidearm is always a full size 1911 in .45ACP calibre with two ten round magazines of hollow points as backup.

I've managed to get old enough so my goal is simply to take each of my knives hunting at least once. The guys who are writing here echo my thoughts, and their knives are in many cases more beautiful and finely crafted than mine, I'm an old school guy of blunt means and razor sharp knives and axes. I ALWAYS carry an axe, mostly now the short ones of "Nessmuk" size and style, but you will notice in my photos two small axes, middle two in bottom right row, that fit in the inside jacket pocket of my black business suit or my tuxedo.



For sure. I had them cut loose for my little 9oz axe and my evening sidearm, an air weight S&W 340PD in 357mag. Thank God I have never pulled one in anger, but I will protect my family from bears and stuff as might arise. Live in peace.

Comment by stephen tungate on October 22, 2011 at 12:07
very nice knife shlomo.thanks for your post.....
Comment by Shlomo ben Maved on October 22, 2011 at 3:55

 If you were having to choose just one single knife to carry then anything in the 3¾" to 4¾" blade length will excel at 90% of your work--A little too stiff for a good fillet knife, you can always crimp up on the blade for a caper or for small game.


If you wanted an ideal situation then carry three blades with you--a 2½" to 3" slim caper, a 3" to 3½" skinner and a 4½" to 5" all purpose...I carry a Personal, a Pro Skinner and a Pro Guide by Bob Dozier Knives...and to really top it off add a 6" to 8" fillet knife which you can also use as a boning knife.


You don't need horking, huge blades--you're not going to be getting into hand to hand combat with rampaging savages or grizzly bears...The Sammie of Finland have been using little 2½" to 3½" puukko blades for all their hunting needs for centuries and they're living off the land for the most part of the year managing their reindeer herds.




















like this Lars Erik Marsja of Sweden Scrimshawed half horn knife

Comment by Jan Carter on October 5, 2011 at 17:00
When Donnie steps into the woods,  the perfect size for him is overall length of 9 inches with a blade length of 4.1/4.  This size works well for him, it is capable of cleaning the deer,fighting off a cat/bear whatever.  Now that is his fixed blade he always carries a two blade pocket knife with him too.  Something not too big or heavy, dont want to weigh down the pocket
Comment by Alexander Noot on October 5, 2011 at 6:45

I've never gone hunting. But from what I read a lot of people get by on really small blades. I've heard of a guy that skins complete deer with a Case Peanut slipjoint.


I don't think size is really all that important. Personally I'd probably go for a 3,5-4 inch fixed blade.


If you run into a bear and you want to fight it with a knife you might as well start digging your own grave now.

Comment by D ale on October 4, 2011 at 5:18

I don’t hunt that much anymore .. but when I do step out in the woods for …


Squirrel & rabbit hunting … it’s a simple jackknife .. most often, my current EDC.

Deer hunting … a modified CASE copperlock.



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