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Nice!  I found a similar one...  https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-726629591-set-de-asado-cuc... (prices are in Argentine dollars).

El Cabure is Spanish for "pygmy owl" (I'm guessing you knowthis, but adding it for the benefit of the other readers...

Your post got cut off -- you were saying you went somewhere...  I'm guessing Argentina?

Hey Nick - is it too late to help out on this or did you get the answers you needed? Well, I'm going to respond anyway.

What you have here is a Gaucho knife - the side arm of the Argentine cowboy. I think Brazilian Gauchos use them too - but they are made famous by the Argentine's. While the knives typically follow a similar overall design (similar to a classic American Bowie), Gaucho knives are as varied as the person carrying it. There are typically two sizes determined by function - either personal use (like we would use a steak knife), or for serving - like a chef's carving knife. Looking at the photos, I'm guessing your's might be the latter by it's size.

El Cabur'e is a manufacturer and supplier of Kitchen/restaurant quality cutlery....particularly steak and roast knives. Like any knife style, you can get Gaucho knives custom made, some very ornate, some very plain, some practical, some just for show. You can find them in high quality or cheaply made for tourists. It's more about the style as defined by the people and region, just as our Bowie is, or the Italian stiletto. 

I have posted several threads regarding the use of selected knives from my collection as personal steak knives at restaurants, and I have been growing a list of potential Gaucho knives to consider. Try looking at Etsy - search on Gaucho Knife....oh too many to choose from!

One that has made my list for consideration is this one from El Boyero Argentina:


I so dig the leather wrapped handle....I can taste the steak now!

Hope this helps - 

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