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This is my first post. I have been meaning to write but I am involved in two businesses and seem to be working all the time. I own a Ladies Boutique in Great Neck, N. Y (.LindaSilverDesigns.com)

We also participate as a vendor in many charity events. We also do our own events, with our own mailing list, doing restaurant shows..... I also have a few women who sell out of their homes....

However, my FIRST LOVE is my knife collection!

I have been collecting since 1985. I started with "pretty knives" since all knives are pieces of art.

After getting more and more involved, I read a book after collecting for about one year whereby the author said "instead of spending $10-$15 for one knife that will never appreciate much, or nothing, pay $30 and pick one type that you love...

 Do research, look at all the types, folding,fixed blade", etc.

Then make a choice. Study, make it a point to know your arena...."

I have an extensive collection of Gaucho Knives...

At some point, I will post (not sure how to post a WORD DOCUMENT) my collection.

Now to the point.... I designed a product ( took almost 2 yrs...)

To both display as well as carry a knife collection. There are many ways, as I know you all know, since after owning more than a few, how do we display and transport(carry) our "babies"....

This is a link to this product. There is nothing like it in the market. I have a patent pending after recognizing this fact...

.The link is    www.lindasilverdesigns.com/bladedisplay.htm

I have gotten a number of very favorable feedbacks. I attended a knife show in April in Oregon.

I am writing this, not to sell anything, but for your objective opinions. I am in the initial stage, after making 6 prototypes, to find a company to manufacture ...

This is meant to be viewed on a computer, not a cell phone...

 1) I have not displayed folding knives opened ( I own some).

Can you visualize them being on this product opened?

2) Since carbon blades(fixed) will rust if kept in sheathes, I think I would want to have them exposed. Comments, please....

Since my collection of Gauchos is composed of silver or, for the most part German Silver

(Nickel, Copper, Some Zinc)

I do not have this problem....

However, I have a Number of fixed blades( not Gauchos) in sheathes, that I have to oil every so often...

       Sorry for being so wordy...

I  just want you all to know how happy I am to have the afternoon off..

.I have been very aware that if I do not post after being a member for 30 days I will be thrown out!

p.s. Also, Just want you all to know, in my researching a company to manufacturer this product

,how amazed  I am in the areas to look into. For example, the industry of sheaths...

Sheathes go for $5 up to $400 +...

Thanks for "listening to me"

 Best to all off you, Artie Goldsmith...






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Very interesting area to collect Arthur though alas not one that I know a lot about . Your design for a blade display is very attractive and I suspect that it will be of interest to many people , congratulations on a great idea .


I went over pics three times before I got to looking at the design of the display.  You have an amazing collection!

I see this design as being viable for a small section of knife makers and collectors.  Those creating and collecting knife art  While I know this is a smaller section of the knife world, it is also a section that actually spends annually on one knife what the average collector would spend in the same time period.

I see the design as versatile for makers along the lines of Stefan Albert , Dellana , Edmond Davidson  to be sold with their knives.  Also for the scrimshaw artists and ivory collectors.  I know that even sounds like a smaller segment of folks but really it is not.  There are collectors that buy Tony Bose (1500 to 15K) in Ivory and there are many makers along that same line.

Have finally perfected my item...... Take a look.....


If any are interested in commenting, great. If interested in purchasing, email me at artieg@nyc.rr.com

Thanks, Artie....

It's an interesting idea, especially the removable cushions.  Not my aesthetic, but I'd bet you could easily translate a similar design to a backpack or messenger bag, as long as the key attachment point is the Velcro.  (I would guess a backpack is not your aesthetic, but I bet you carry a briefcase or messenger bag from time to time.)

In fact (just putting on my design hat & NOT my lawyer hat, I'm not saying this would pass muster as a patent or that it would not infringe upon another's trademark, for example), you could make the cushion holding the knives into the display rack & place it into any tactical backpack that already has a Velcro-lined back for equally easy transport (provided the hook-loop match was right).

Regardless, I want to wish you luck securing a manufacturer!

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