I would just like to share some great excitement happing to our business with  all my friends and family here at IKC. As of June 4 we are in negoations to purchase Queen Cutlery Co. / Schatt & Morgan where if succesful we will be taking over all operations. Everything is just in negoations and nothing is final yet but once happen I think you'll see lots of new and exciting USA made lines which we have always been committed to.

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Oh my goodness!  This is great news if you ask me!  Wishing you the best of luck!

Incredible news Ryan! We wish you all the best in whatever happens but if this is successful just imagine the possibility!

That sounds great! I'll just offer one piece of advice. Of course, we all love the high end blade steels and handle materials but when you take over a company that has a long standing reputation like Queen Cutlery, you gotta keep in mind that there are still alot of people out there who want to buy a nice, high quality, USA made pocket knife for a decent price so keep those folks in mind as you move along. But Good Luck with everything and keep us posted on the progress.

Clearly, lots of things to think through but the possibility is huge. Have you given thought how this might evolve with Tuna Valley? How do you keep the traditions of Queen and yet bring some new ideas and energy?

one of the best ideas i have heard in a long time!

This is some very exciting news and the Daniels family is glowing with anticipation.  Have some pics and will be on soon with them

Good luck Ryan and family on this new venture.

I am 1/2 hr away and will come visit ifter. Good luck buddy.

Good luck, we are all pulling for ya'll.

hope everything works out for you guys .you have showed that you can keep good quality in your cutlery and hope this will follow you guys in your new adventures.......

Most excellent news! I'm wondering how this will affect the Queen collector . . . I'm thinking very favorably.

Hey Ryan and Co, congrats on this awesome expedition. This could be a real opportunity for you guys, I'm more than happy to hear about this. PA has been loosing a great company in Queen with some of the sub par quality they have passed along, but with the Daniels family in control, we'll see this old cutlery giant rise to the top.


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