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All the Knives on eBay

“Never Used, Carried or Sharpened” – Right!

I’d ask you “If you…


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All the Knives on eBay

This is for the FYI file.

The Case XX Vault program took effect January 1, 2008.

Four popular patterns and all related tool works were locked away inside the “Case XX Vault” for a period of at least three years before being reintroduced to the public.

The reasons to institute this program are…


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All The Knives on eBay

I saw this the other week and in disbelief ordered it.

First off is was promoted as real Abalone Shell. OK and it is...

Then it was a Medium Trapper not a bad size knife. And of course nickel Silver Bolsters, Brass Liners but one more thing quartered in Nickel Silver Expansion Joints (as I called them).

The "Buy - Now" was $9…


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Want Some Entertainment you do not get in the knife Biz Often? A Real Knife Auction Live.... CUSTOM MAKERS and FOLDER COLLECTORS ALIKE


SO I have complained about eBay but not enough, frankly it's overwhelming to decide what more print worthy than somethings else you see the next day.... Ergo writer's block AKA Lazy writer syndrome.....

Sorry I have been consumed too but I do have some great stats..... CASE Vintage knives are up about 20% in volume of offerings, overall Case Volume of offering has increased from 5,400 in September to over 7,000 now.



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The Next Generation of Collectors - Where are they coming from?

It’s been so hearting to see folks here on iKC who for 50 years or more have collected knives. I watch Versus Network and the Outdoor Channel and they have Cabalas, Mossy Oak and other corporate sponsored teen hunts and – God Bless them, Bass Pro Shops have seminars for youth. It’s a fact not an argument that hunting has saved the American Turkey and it’s created a healthier whitetail population with proper management. It’s also the same for most migratory birds too. It’s the passion behind the… Continue

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All the Kinves on eBay

Knee to Knee and Toe to Toe”

What is the true value of this “knife collecting passion” to any of us? Knife collecting to your friends is viewed the same as mine view it. No doubt, raising the eyebrows of the “un-enlightened”. Only those that do…. Know It! It’s like a “biker” says, “if I have to explain … you’d never understand”.

I spoke of the “devaluing of my portfolio” – First, “Frank! It’s a ‘collection’ not a bunch of printouts or once-a-month reports that come… Continue

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All the Kinves on eBay

I see where Case has announced the Tang Stamp for 2010….

It makes me wonder…. Will today’s knives that we are buying (NEW) have the same long term value increases that we see in 50+ year old knives on today’s market?

If you have seen my portfolio you know that it is full of 20XX Case Blades…..

I have been observing with great scrutiny the run through of knives on eBay. I’m gathering some stats that reach beyond just the eBay digressions about policy and practice… Continue

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All the Knives on eBay

NEW American Made Products

With the unemployment rate toping 10 percent for the first time since the early 1980's, it is more important than ever to support American workers. An easy way to support an American worker is to buy American made products. We have made this even easier by pulling together our American made product selection onto one quick reference page. Whether you are looking for a knife, display case, baton or flashlight we have great American made product available and… Continue

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Here is a real eBay release / I hope I can define more of what's called (search integrity) later this week....

Good iRetailors deal with this nonsense

NOTE TO EBAY SCREENERS----The BONE referred in this auction is not from an endangered species or an item whose importation is BANNED. The BONE is from an AMERICAN COW--The kind we eat everyday--steak, ground beef, beef stew meat, hamburger, etc. The breed of the cow might be Gersey, Black Angus, Herford, or perhaps a mixed breed. The bone is taken from the shin bone of the cow(After it is dead), dried, sawed, jigged, dyed, and pinned to the… Continue

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All the Knives on eBay

All the knives on eBay

Over in one of iKC’s discussion areas, Scott had this factoid about “All the knives on eBay” and his post made me begin to think about. It made me think a lot of how eBay has driven this business without much concern for the wishes or needs of buyers and sellers, or more importantly, the historical manor knife buying, selling and trading occurred prior to their existence.

Few of us can say we have not used eBay ourselves… It is the new 24/7… Continue

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