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I saw this the other week and in disbelief ordered it.

First off is was promoted as real Abalone Shell. OK and it is...

Then it was a Medium Trapper not a bad size knife. And of course nickel Silver Bolsters, Brass Liners but one more thing quartered in Nickel Silver Expansion Joints (as I called them).

The "Buy - Now" was $9 Shipped.

I received it and I am still in disbelief - It's a Remington "Collector Series" Abalone Shell and is everything they said it was a in a first quality knife in a nice black box. It is not Laminated. It was quartered as you see to make the scale size of the shell work but Kudos Man.

I'm a "Buy American" but my son is a proud of this as if it was a Case or GEC and you can see for yourself... There's bolster detailing. The Scales are polished, blades brushed SS and on the clip blade is the Remington Etching.

Why I can like this "Remington" and get upset when I see a Frost Display Case replace a Case display case I do not have a reason in the world.

I guess "Remington" sound more American and is a traded entity where at least the stockholders who are still Americans get the $2 profit - Guns and ammo too.... Ok - Frost - throw out some Frost 1100 @ say $21.00 each per gun and a box of bird shot #25 .12 Gage Rounds for $.197 and I going for the knives then too... But if they "Frost" can do from the display $6.99 Trappers from Taiwan that a pattern to pattern nearly a brushed Case SS knife - Where are the Gun's & Ammo, Real Tree, Mossy Oak Camo why not some $158.99 KIA Four-Wheelers to boot - that is Danner Boots @ $1.99 insulated.


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