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That Knife.

One day little eyes will look over my knife collection with awe and wonder, kinda like I did with my Grandfather's collection when I was little. A tiny finger will point to a knife and a small voice will ask, "tell me about that knife"? My eyes will probably strain to see exactly which knife has drawn the curiosity. "That knife"? I'll start with a grin on my face, a story will follow. At times those stories will be boring and at times there will be more behind it and by "more", I mean a…


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New Year and so many opportunities.

As we begin an exciting new year we can count on many changes in our own personal lives as well as in the lives of our countrymen, some good and some bad I'm sure.

But, after seeing all the new knives and new knife makers for 2012, I'm sure we can look forward to more talent and more steel beauties coming to light.

So, what are you hoping to see in the new year? What do you want from your knife factories or custom knife makers?

What directing are you taking your… Continue

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Great River Forge.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to try out a few custom made knives and it's been an awesome experience so far.

My latest custom comes from knife maker, Keith R Johnson of Great River Forge. He is an extremely talented maker and a blast to deal with. I enjoyed the experience from the word go and I look forward to having him make me another knife or two down the road.

The quality is hard to beat and a production knife can't even begin to challenge it. Keith has some… Continue

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Life Happened.

Hey Guys, there are a ton of new faces since I was on IKC last, but the place looks great and I'm happy to see a lot of familiar faces out there. I used to be on here all the time, but I have been AWOL for some time. I want to apologize to my friends here for the abrupt disappearance.

I have been working at a great place and I really enjoy the people I work with, but like any job it's demanding and I have been having a hard time sorting out my time.

Family is always going… Continue

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One knife.

Okay guys, I just asked this question in the Arsenal, but this is a knife sight and I wanna know. If you had to leave your house tomorrow in a pressure, can't return for a while situation, what knife is going with you? It doesn't matter if it's some three foot long machete, tell us what you're taking and why?

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Lloyd's knife.

"Ping", "Ping", Ping". The craftman's hammer falls, driving the pin and setting the blade.

He straightens himself from his bench and works the newly set blade against it's spring. A smooth action and a solid "click" proves that the blade is set well and the lock up is tight. This is just another step before a finished product, one that may end up spending his life in the silk purse of a rich man, or in the pocket of the dirt poor farmer down the road, either way, it's prepared…


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