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Still going..... 75yrs less than a month away

  I did not realize how long it had been since I had posted anything here. So its time for a bit of an update. In less than a month I will have a 75th birthday.....  I never thought I'd be here this long, although my Dad made it all the way to 91 yrs and still lived on his own. This man did not have a gray hair on his head..Still black. not quite as thick as it once was but still a full head of hair. Me,totaly grey with a ponytail more than halfway down my back. A bit thinner but not…


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and I keep on going and going...... lol

 I see its been a while since I posted here. a lot has happened since then. My XWife passed in June of 2020. a Heart attack that was unexpected. We had a lot of good times together and still remained friends after we split. More recent is the passing of my Son this year, 44 yrs in this world, June 1st. A Heart Attack also. He was in really bad health. He nearly lost a leg do to a major infection caused by a Idiot called a Dr. A 6 month Hospital stay for that. The Dr there was very good and…


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Still here


   It's been a while since I've posted on this. So I figure its time for an update. Still kicking but not near as high, more heart issues. My Dr's have discovered a leaky heart valve.  As they stated nothing to worry about as its minor. However in my profesion as an Auto service tech for quite a number of years. When a problem is found it is usually recommended to fix it. A bad/leaky valve cause's a decrease in performance and other possible issues on an Auto and the Heart is you…


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Making the move to Arkansas


  I've been giving this a lot of thought and after spending a couple of weeks there. I figured it was time to make the move. So as of 6-1-19 I will be an Arkansas resident, My Sister and her Husband have lived there for 30+ years.

  She's been asking me to come stay for a week or so and I finally did.

 I moved to a small town called Glenwood, its about 35 miles east of Hot Springs. A 6 hour drive I did not enjoy as it was hot and I got really tired towards the end of…


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