It's been a while since I've posted on this. So I figure its time for an update. Still kicking but not near as high, more heart issues. My Dr's have discovered a leaky heart valve.  As they stated nothing to worry about as its minor. However in my profesion as an Auto service tech for quite a number of years. When a problem is found it is usually recommended to fix it. A bad/leaky valve cause's a decrease in performance and other possible issues on an Auto and the Heart is you might say is the bodys engine

  So I'm a bit concerned, as I do tire a bit more quickly than before and that curtails my activity much more than I would like for it too.  However such is life. We are here for just a short time. So as I like to say when my ticket gets punched, its time to go. The body stays and the Soul/Spirit  moves on.   

   And now for more upbeat things. I've not added very many knives to my collection for some time as I'm more in to keeping those I use sharp. I enjoy using a sharp knife as the blade will cut what ever I'm using it for with very little effort and unfortunly myself every once in a great while. The last episode cost me 6 stiches about two years ago.

  My project 317 Buck is still looking ok although I've thought about perhaps refinishing the scales with an epoxy finish for more of a shine to them. I originaly used a clear semigloss polyurethane for the finish and although it looks ok. I think about a refinish with clear epoxy or perhaps a clear high gloss polyurethane.

  When I was working on it shaping the wood scales. The thought occured to me about doing a complete refinish on it and making it look new.  I have used this knife since 1986 when I found it with one scale gone and used it that way for far to many years until I broke the blade tip off of the main blade.

  As I was thinking about doing a complete refinish on it. It occured to me that I would be removing the visible history of the knifes history with me and I could not do it. So it remains with the marks and scars along with the new scales. My solution for a pretty Buck 317............  ebay........  it looks almost pristine...........  Enough rambling for now............  WallyG.

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Comment by Jan Carter on August 11, 2020 at 19:19


It is awfully good to hear from you and I am glad that even if you are a leaky you are still here with us :)

I also think keeping the marks and scars on a well loved knife is the way to keep it.  Keep the blade sharp and save the memories on the scales.  For the new one...give it some pocket time so it can look a little loved also


Comment by J.J. Smith III on August 11, 2020 at 10:43

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