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A week of work

If you ever visit Larry and me you will understand why this is a weeks worth of work.  He does things in stages.  This is the final product over a week and sometimes more.  Now sheaths have to be made! Guess who has THAT job?  Hope you enjoy seeing these.  I think they are absolutely beautiful although I may be a little biased!



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New knives and show date

Facebook album

Here is an album of the available and new knives.  We will be in Dothan AL this weekend!  Come on out and see us!!

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Blade Show


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Location: Fitzgerald, GA Shipping Method: USPS Priority w/shipping and confirma...tion $12 Payments Accepted: Major CC PP MO PC Price: $600 Stock Number: 913.166 Knife Type: Dixie Folder Metal: Alabama Damascus Handle: Carbon Fiber…

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The Daily Cut

Stock Number: 1013.185

Knife Type: Freestyle

  Metal: Alabama Damascus


Handle: Banskai Nut

  Rockwell Hardness: 57


Blade Length (inches):2 7/8"

  Handle Length (inches):4 1/4"

  Total Length (inches):7"…


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9 Days until Tulsa OK Wanenmacher Gun Show

In just a little over a week Larry will be taking his trip to Tulsa Ok with Brad Vice.  They do this twice a year and have a really good time with some wonderful friends.  This is a great show but like all shows you just knock on wood and keep your fingers crossed you break even.  We are hoping that this will be Larry's last show until the new year.  December is a really big month for us.  Our youngest son has his birthday and Christmas Holidays.  The kids are all home at once and it is time…


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Published again....

When Larry first started building knives, he had little dreams.  First was getting good enough people wanted to buy his knives now he stays behind.  Next he wanted to be able to set up at Blade and now he has a whole booth.  Then he wanted to be published in Blade Magazine and he has... 3 times. Now he has been published in Knives Illustrated, Tactical Knives and NOW Knives Illustrated Buyer's Guide 2014.  Over this journey he has became a voting member of The Knifemaker's Guild in 2010.  He…


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YOU are seeing it first!

This knife was a joke or started out as one!  It is called a Dixie!  It is no longer a joke...these sell bout as quick as I build em and this is my first one in a long time!

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Price List

Here is an updated price list for the website.  These are not written in stone.  Larry likes to talk to someone when they get one of his knives because he wants to make sure they know what they are getting  So many materials look alike. 



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Busy, busy

It's homecoming week at our school.  Larry had 2 doctor appointments and I had 2 headaches. Tamera was only hear half the week because her aunt's back went out and has a small baby to tend to.  With that said we have been really scarce but the work continued so we have some new ones and this one is the…


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Knifemaker's Guild Show

Every since Larry signed to become a member of the Knifemaker's Guild, he has not missed one show until this year.  Larry had a heart attack in December 2012.  During this year we had to cut our shows in half and because of loss of paid days off, he had to cut the Guild Show. 

He has had a lot of support from his friends with knives, knife makers and suppliers.  It means a lot when you have a community that is behind you through sickness and in health.  I had so many phone calls the…


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Back to orders....

Well...Larry is back to his orders that have accumulated that he said he was not gonna take until after the first of the year.  Yeah he is a sucker!!  He can not resist someone wanting a knife he does not have when he has so many.  Best inventory he has had all year!!  So he is working on orders the rest of the weekend so I only have one more new knife to shoot and get online! This is the latest one he finished.…


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Everything updated....for now....

After a long hard day of a migraine yesterday, I worked double time this morning to update the available album on Facebook and the website.  I also have an updated price list that I can email to you if you request it at pridgencustomknives@gmail.com .  You can visit our website at…


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Rough Week

I bet you are thinking where did they go!  Well Larry had to work 3 full days after Labor Day and early morning Friday morning.  I have been busy on paperwork and the kids with my asthma kicked in.  But Larry is resting up today so I am taking it easy myself.  Nope not in the shop this morning.  He has 2 knives he would have liked to have completed this weekend but they will be here when he gets to them.

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Productive weekend

Larry started late Thursday afternoon and has completed 5 folders so far.  I have not posted the last 2 on iKnives as of yet.  The last 2 are less expensive as they have less expensive handle materials.  It is nice to see him back at the folders again after almost 9 months! 

December 2012 he was was working hard in his shop and came in feeling really bad.  We headed to the clinic but ended up at the ER and life flighted to Albany, GA.  He had a heart attack and died on the flight…


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Back at it....

Larry gets another 4 day weekend.  He is back in the knife shop this morning.  He got his materials in so his goal is to complete 3 folders over the weekend.  They are going to be absolutely gorgeous.  He is making sure they are worth the wait.  I can't wait to see them myself since I don't get to spend too much time in the shop because of dang allergies. 

I did not blog yesterday.  Tamera and I went to Tifton to visit with her friend who just had a baby boy. 

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New Knives SOON

Larry has been working diligently getting his next folders ready for handles.  His suppies still did not come yesterday but were promised to him TODAY!!  So you should see some mew things SOON!! 

During the week things are slow with the knifemaking.  In a perfect world we could afford insurance so that he could do this full time.  There are no jobs here.  We live in a very small town that is falling apart.  So we are working hard on making quality knives at an affordable price.  I…


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No new knives :(

Larry is patiently waiting on a supply order to assemble the new knives.  He has materials but you know sometime what you visualize is just not before you.  So he is waiting.....so we wait....but well worth the wait.  He is framing out and getting ready for the final assembly when the handle materials get here.  Unless you have seen a knife maker construct a folding knife from beginning to end, you really can not understand why someone would spend so much money on one knife.  It is truly a…


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Back at the mill today!

Larry enjoyed his 4 day weekend BUT it's back to the insurance job today.  He took the afternoon off yesterday and I have shipping to do today.  He has a supply shipment he is waiting on to finish the 3 he has framed out now.  Sometimes this is hurry up and wait.  Hopefully more pics will come soon! 



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Last day of the 4 day

Well, he said he was taking today off.  BUT guess where Larry is this morning?  Wait now....the first one does not count! LOL  This year he has built all total 10 pocket knives.  3 orders, 2 as gifts, 1 as barter and 4 to sell.  By this time he has usually built approximately 30-40.  We only have 1 of the 10 left.  We did not realize how patiently everyone had been Well until he gets his order in, he is on hold because his handle material is in there for the next few.  But keep watching,…


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