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Larry has been working diligently getting his next folders ready for handles.  His suppies still did not come yesterday but were promised to him TODAY!!  So you should see some mew things SOON!! 

During the week things are slow with the knifemaking.  In a perfect world we could afford insurance so that he could do this full time.  There are no jobs here.  We live in a very small town that is falling apart.  So we are working hard on making quality knives at an affordable price.  I hope that we can continue the pattern we are in.

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Comment by Larry and Tina Pridgen on August 28, 2013 at 12:45

Thanks Steve...Larry has always been able to make a living.  I have to stay on the computer and up to my elbows in leather to keep things going.  He goes to his day job then makes knives morning, evening and weekend.  But it all pays the bills.

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