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Some states say they have the right to dictate what you can carry and why, simply because you have chosen to live there.  Now there seems to be a heated discussion about what your allowed to see.  Thats right, pictures of "weapons" such as a SAK knife are no longer your choice to see LOL

Google Adwords has long taken the stand that folks that sell guns cannot advertise with them.  Then it was companies that incorporated the word KNIFE in their business name.  Yes even a site where we simply talk about them.  Now they have come to the conclusion that anything outside of kitchen cutlery is deemed a "weapon".  This is not in their search engine but in their ads, which effects a companies position in the line up of the search engine.

Don't not get me wrong, this is not about google as they are not the first company to take this stand.  It is about the rising trend/panic happening.  Free enterprise is what we are still striving to see happen in this country, how is it possible that an entire sector of entrepreneurs are being told their businesses and products are not worthy of being seen by the American public?  Trust me, I know many dealers advertising freely in other countries and doing a good business in Europe.  Is that what we wanted to see?  US Companies bringing the manufacturing home to the USA only to be told they cannot advertise their wares here?  Am I missing something?

WHERE DO WE TAKE THE FIGHT?  HOW DO WE MAKE A STAND?  These are private enterprises and cannot be forced to accept business.  I understand that, I dont accept all that want to advertise here.  

Anyone have the knowledge to start a search engine that does not rely on google for the searches?  Plenty of money to be had out there if we can start one that is based on being able to advertise knives/guns freely without prejudice.  Is that the answer to free enterprise?  Do it ourselves?

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Comment by Jan Carter on November 2, 2014 at 21:31

And how disassociated or uncaring have we as a nation become that we don't get these folks help, we just hide their crayons

Comment by Michael D. on November 2, 2014 at 21:15

I posted the sarcastic paragraph below on another thread and was told to be careful. That it was a "slippery slope" to think that violence in all types of visual media leads to violence in life. So it becomes a tough call. I don't believe visual violence leads to real violence per se but underlying issues, such as mental problems, can easily propel instability into disastrous consequences. I firmly believe that these issues are continuously sidestepped. By that I mean the knife or the gun is blamed and restricted but little is mentioned of the perpetrator's mental state and "what could have been done". Evidently we don't want to negatively classify an entire group of individuals, especially children, so it's much easier to negatively classify an item like a knife. What everyone forgets is if the individual wants to do harm then a wrench or bat or whatever is still available and never receives a negative connotation.

"All the experts also said you can’t associate it to violence on TV like the show “The Following” (a serial killer doing in his victims by stabbing). Of course we shouldn’t develop such a theory that incessant violence on TV/movies/games has anything to do with influencing young minds. That’s absurd. The real problem is the KNIFE!"

Comment by Jan Carter on November 2, 2014 at 17:50


You are so right.  We have a problem within the society where we are not valuing life.  Most of society are so far from taking responsibility for thier own actions that they sit back and let a nameless faceless groups of folks make choices for them.  Take the easy way out, blame the inanimate object, dont deal with the problem.  

Reminds me of when I trained for early childhood education.  Very first day the lesson was drawing on the walls with a crayon.  Dont teach why it is wrong, just lock up the crayons LOL 

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