I found and obtained this 1988 Buck #301 Stockman in Yellow Sawcut Delrin to honor my passed stepson Joshua to commemorate his birth year. I will keep it for now, but when his 2 yr old son Roman grows up I'll make sure he gets it. I must admit that going on from here will be difficult, at times nearly impossible, but I must honor Josh's memory and keep him alive in my heart. So, I honor him as any good knife collector would do and bought this knife as something to forever remind me of him.

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Comment by Syd Carr on April 25, 2017 at 18:36

Yes, lol, I can hear Donnie in my head, shaking his finger at me about that, (he showed me his Case Seahorse with sprung springs). I know I'll never let a knife snap closed again after being around him for a while. However, the spring(s) are not "sprung" or under much tension with the blades open are they? Aren't the blades in a relaxed position when either open or closed? The springs lay flat in the back when the blades are open on these Bucks, perhaps that isn't the case with other brands. Of course none of these will be handled much other than for dusting and polishing, so I think they should be ok; at least until I find a better system for storage/display. Also, I couldn't make the existing straps work with all the knives closed, (not enough stretch), and this way seems to hold them relatively securely, so it works for now. Right now I just really like having them all in one box.

Comment by Jan Carter on April 25, 2017 at 18:10


That is a GREAT re purpose! My only concern is storing with an open blade.  As I am sure you are aware there are 2 schools on that.  I am always afraid of the pressure on a spring for extended periods of time

Comment by Syd Carr on April 25, 2017 at 17:26

It's hard to go on after such a terrible family loss, but getting back to "normal" means going out and doing "normal" things.

Sometimes I really appreciate that my mom constantly dragged me through thrift stores when I was young, it developed my ability to see alternate uses for stuff. I ran across this wooden box for $3 which was originally made for a set of kitchen cutlery, so I thought what better item to re-purpose to use for my Buck 300 Series collection? I had to replace the hinges, and it doesn't fit every knife perfectly, but it places the entire collection into one box that can be moved around safely without worrying about scratches. Makes a workable display too, so if I ever get the opportunity to put the collection on display at a show or elsewhere this works better than a plastic box or glass display case. Besides, a good glass display would be heavier, more difficult to move and would cost far more than the $5 I have into this. It includes every model number, including SMKW's Special Factory Order models, that were ever made by Camillus for Buck, (plus a few duplicates in alternate handles and others). Nice to have them all under one roof so to speak. I have other Buck-made 300's that live in sheaths, but I wanted those that I don't carry often, (or ever), to be kept together. If an emergency occurs I can grab this and my "bug out box" and scoot; works for me.

Comment by Syd Carr on April 15, 2017 at 22:35

Thanks Jan. I was just surfing the bay trying to get back to "normal" and ran across it, instantly knew I had to have it. I'm taking it with me to Easter dinner at his mom's house tomorrow, I'll let her decide where to keep it until Roman comes of age. I vote to keep it in my daughter's cedar chest, (which was my mother's), but I'll let mom decide. She just might want to keep it herself.

She, my daughter, other stepson and I are still in utter shock. We are just numb and on autopilot trying to find our "new normal" because nothing will ever be the same for any of us again. This is one of those things where you always say to people who have lost children, "I can't imagine how you must feel". Well, now I know how they felt and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. We both agree though, we have living children and grandchildren who need us, so we just have to find a way to gut through this and go on.

I just did a full set up on Joshua's favorite guitar, new strings, all polished, oiled and adjusted. We are going to ship it to my other stepson in the USAF in VA, thought he should have it.  There is also an electric guitar, one that I built from various parts for Josh a few years back. I'll bring that one home with me tomorrow and will get it back in shape again, then send it back for safe keeping with mom. It warms me to know that Josh loved both of those instruments, played them often and the fact that I gave both of them to him makes them both very precious. Least I could do.

Thanks for all the prayer support, and sorry to have missed some chats. Not to worry, I'll be back.

Comment by Jan Carter on April 15, 2017 at 19:44


That is a great way to honor him and a wonderful way to have that discussion with his son as he grows.  Keeping the memory alive is how we go forward.  We continue to pray for the family my friend

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