I was just (trying) watching a knife review buy NUTNFANCY (nothing against him he has great reviews...its just something about his voice...of course I hate my voice as well...NOT THE POINT)
And he was talking about how he was sorry for the women who were 'knife widows' (my term not his) because Bencahmade had just come out with some new stuff.

I get comments all the time "I wish my wife/girlfriend/daughter was as into knives as you are"

And its sad when a couple can't share the same interests but we have to be our selfs. Those guys like knives (guns/gear) and their other half likes something else (shoes?).

It makes me stop and wonder...how many guys have tired to get their other half into their hobby? Not force it on them but get them involved? If you go to a knife show do you ask you wife to come along? Not if she wants to but if she will.

I have hobbies that Ken will never be into (photography) but I still invite him, in fact encourage him to come along with me when I go.

Perhaps that is all it would take for your wife to stop giving you the evil eye every time you talk about knives...and who knows maybe someday she might even own one.

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Comment by Michael B on May 26, 2009 at 13:15
I feel the same way about nutnfancy's voice it just is weird
Comment by Paul K on May 8, 2009 at 12:04
Are you CRNFAllyKat
Comment by Ally Burnham on May 6, 2009 at 17:27
Hey at least you tried. And it looks like she tried to. And it does seem like she is at least a little bit into...she has one and appreciates it when you get her a new on...thats all we ask for.
Comment by Keelen Grimm on May 6, 2009 at 16:00
I know exactly what you are saying. I feel bad sometimes when I get a new knife because my girlfriend gives me this look like I did something wrong. A couple years ago I tried to get her into knives but not forcing her. Whenever I would go to my knife shop I would invite her and she came a couple times. At first it seemed like she enjoyed it but that quickly faded away. I sometimes get her a new knife because she does carry one in her purse and she appreciates it.

Its funny that you mention photography because my girlfriend got me into it and I love it. Funny thing is now I take more pictures than she does. I think sometimes people have their own interests and it is hard to take on other things that your GF or significant other does also.

It never hurts to try though!

Thanks for posting a great blog and a thought provoker!


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