With Great knowledge comes....Alot of extra work.

I work at a Dinner Theatre and my postion is such that if anything breaks during the run of a show I am the go to person to fix it. Now we have shop people and props people and so on the fix something major the next day but if it needs to be fixed RIGHT NOW its all mine. This is my job and I am ok with it.

The one thing I have noticed lately is as the 'resident knife expert' I end up fixing things that are not my department.

For example...the wardrobe manager just brought me the dagger and sheath that one of our actors where (he plays Thuy...were doing Miss Saigon). She informed me that it no longer fits on his belt and she was at a loss as to what is wrong with it. Long story short... the clip in the sheath had been bent and all it needed was to be bent back. A pretty easy fix.

I also seem to be the go to person for a knife or a tool. I carry with me any time at least one type of knife and a multi-tool. You'd be surprized ( or not) how often some one needs one. Boxes to open, screws to tighten, do something with pilers, even cans opened.

It also surprized me how every one assumes that I can also be the 'resident gun expert'. While its true I know how to clean the blank guns we have and once in a while figure out what is wrong with them, I don't really have a clue. People are funny that way.

So the point?

Is my job unique in this type of thing or does it happen to everyone?

Just wondering

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Comment by Nick Hansen on May 7, 2009 at 4:12
Well, Im a mechanic and people think that just because I am a mechanic that I want to work on everything.

I dont go to the deck hands and ask them to throw lines on my boat now do I?

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