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Nothing fancy or special, but it was made in 2014 which was the year my grandson Michael was born. Been watching for awhile but finally a 2014 came up for sale. I have a knife for each kid in my life made the year of their birth, they will of course get them one day but I'm keeping them for awhile so I can carry and use them. To me the most precious knife I own is the fixed blade Kinfolks K380 my dad bought on his 18th birthday in 1926, he used it a lot before he gave it to me, and it having been in his hands and used and appreciated by him is what makes it so special to me. I'm hoping the kids feel the same way about my knives someday when I'm gone. Other than the birth year knives, Michael will be the one to get the rest of my collection.

 So that is all I have to talk about today, until the next time I buy a new knife, which will probably be soon. If there isn't a knife coming to my mailbox I feel weird, I guess that is addiction at it's best.

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