Brittany Spears once sang, "Oops I did it again", and by golly I did exactly that! New Buck #112 w/ Drop Point blade & real ebony handles: https://www.buckknives.com/product/112-ranger-knife-drop-point/0112...

I intend to carry this knife, it will be a nice addition to my EDC rotation.

This is a new blade option and I like it. It's kind of a "finally" feeling with this knife. They have released a few drop points now and again but this new version will be a permanent addition to their catalog, (so I was told). I also ordered a brown "distressed" sheath for it, I don't like the black ones they send which are made in Mexico, and IMHO is of inferior quality when compared to their older US-made sheaths. Surprisingly this optional sheath is made in the USA which made it worth the money to me, and it is soft and pliable, unlike the black sheath, and it uses a very nice embossed button that isn't used on the black ones. The black sheath will be saved for the future, because these 112's are often sold on the bay without sheaths, now I have a standby. https://www.buckknives.com/product/112-ranger-distressed-leather-sh... Additionally, to get the order to the free shipping amount I ordered a diamond pocket sharpener, which I came to find out worked very very well, (I have been gleefully sharpening various knives with it all morning.): https://www.buckknives.com/product/diamond-pocket-knife-sharpener/9...

I should also mention that a 1 year $10 online membership in the Buck Collectors Club, Inc, it basically gets me half off Buck's catalog price as a "Buck Pro". A discount like that is definitely worth the $10 annual cost. https://buckcollectorsclub.org/

I should mention the "Crelicam" genuine ebony handles. In a partnership with Taylor Guitars, they both are using this sustainably sourced product which guarantees one new tree would be planted for every tree felled. Both are also using wood that would not normally be desirable due to it's non-jet black appearance, with grain showing it is perfect not only for guitars but knife scales also. Take a look at the beautiful grain in the handles of my new knife: https://crelicam.com/

Well that's it for now, enjoy the photos and links while I look at Buck's new #113 Fixed Blade with those same Crelicam handles, I'm resisting the impulse to buy one of those as well, but I'll wait at least until next month, (if I can manage to resist shopping therapy that long!).

BTW: the 15th of July will be my 10 month anniversary of quitting smoking, now you know how I am affording all these goodies.

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Comment by Syd Carr on July 11, 2020 at 19:26

Here is a comparison photo between a #112 Clip Point, (in this case a 1972-1986 version with no nail nick), and my new #112 Drop Point. I also weighed them just to see if they weighed the same. They didn't, the older one came in at 6.5 oz while the new one was at 6.10 oz. I don't know if it is the relative weight of the handles or if the older steel weighs more, but for one reason or another there is nearly a half an ounce difference. After looking at them for awhile I decided it was the brass bolsters, the new one has very slightly rounded and shaped bolsters while the older one is rather squarish, and/or it could just be that the Drop Point uses less steel than the clip. Oh well, something to do on a quarantine weekend.

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