This was worth the wait, my daughter gave me a special cane, and I found an oldie!

   Just received a 1967-1972 Buck #112 Ranger in pretty good condition. Nothing extra special about it other than those were my high school years, ('67-'71), and my first year in college, (1972). I have another version of this model, the #112 Slim Pro, which I have carried every day since I got it, so I wanted the "regular" version too because this is the perfect size knife to carry for every day use, (IMHO). It also came with the old style low hanging leather sheath, which most Buck fanatics consider a much better design than modern Buck sheaths, (new ones hang too high on the belt, so there is a very active trade in the older sheaths on ebay). It fits perfectly in the hand and is not as big and bulky as the #110 Folding Hunter, (I have 4 or those). I will be sending this one and one or two others back to Buck for a "spa treatment", as we call it in the BCCI, it will come back looking nearly new and sharp as a razor. Here are some "before" photos.

   Below that is the sword cane my daughter surprised me with the other day. I didn't ask where it came from because they are slightly illegal in this state, so it will become a shelf queen for "display purposes" only, (wink wink). I also found an old Camillus #14 Jack Knife at a local thrift before the "stay at home" order, only paid $3 for it. The blades are, well, they are nearly gone, someone used and sharpened those blades down to nothing, but it is still sharp and usable; someone really loved this knife and obviously carried it daily. The blades need a bit of rust removal I'd say, but the real cool thing about this old beauty is the beautiful jigged bone handles; not a crack anywhere, it makes my mouth water every time I look at those scales. I'm dating this as being made sometime before WWII, I may be wrong about that but that's my estimate for now. I'll clean it up one of these days.

Goes to show you that it takes more than a global pandemic to keep a knife collector down!

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