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Syd Carr's Blog – February 2020 Archive (3)

2019 Buck Slim Select Folding Hunter

Another Ebay find for just over $20, a 2019 Buck 110 Slim Select in new condition. I needed this like a hole in the head but could not resist the price. My daily carry is a 112 Slim Select Pro and I love it dearly, so I figured I may as well have a set. This has Buck's new indestructible handle material in Blue which is very comfortable in the hand. It has the usual 420hc blade, (same as the standard 110), and a belt clip. That belt clip is the best clip I have ever used on…


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New Hi-Carbon Kitchen Knife

Another thrift store find, an old "Forgecraft Hi Carbon" kitchen knife, made from old sawmill band saw blades with maple handle; paid $7 for it.. Turns out that Forgecraft is a popular chef's knife and there is a thriving trade in used ones on Kitchen Knife Forums. Apparently the brand was owned by Washington Forge and they stopped using the brand name in the 60's, so this knife is at least that old. Also apparently there is a tang stamp chart somewhere but I haven't found it yet, it will…


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1998 Custom Buck #305 Lancer

Thanks to a heads up from Jan I just snagged this custom little Buck #305 Lancer from Greg Holmes at Trestle Pines Knives. It is lightly used but is otherwise in excellent condition. Whoever did the customizing did a fantastic job, the transition from bolster to handle is as perfect as a factory job, and the handle itself is smooth as factory smooth bone. Greg also added a bit of class to the transaction by including a nifty little zipper pouch; well done Greg.

This is my first truly…


Added by Syd Carr on February 19, 2020 at 21:00 — 9 Comments

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