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Tanto sharing for Bryan W

This is a Tanto that was given to me by the widow of my best friend that died a few years ago.  He loved the Japanese swords, and unfortunately I know little of its history.  I did have an expert look at it, who determined it was made from a cut down (or broken) WWII Japanese sword.  The polishing is not correct, the shape of the blade tip is a bit off, but the parts are all authentic and someone put a lot of time into this piece.  The collar was noted as being very…


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I assembled and disassembled it about 198769312 times. But it came out really interesting and a bit different from it's brothers.

The steel is 1.2379 (D2), 61 HRc, OAL - 165mm, blade only ~75х25х4mm. The handle is white corian, composite wood, acacia and stainless steel and brass spacers.




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Another tiny one. This one went away before I had the chance to make some photos, so I use photos made from the new owner.

The steel is 1.2379 (D2), 61 HRc, the handle is wenge.

The name is untranslatable pun - in Bulgarian "wenge" is the wood and when you add "r" (wenger) it means "warlock".



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Plain or Fancy ?

I like a great looking knife , I really do .

Just as with most people a fancy set of handle scales or a little damascus really get's my attention . I have one or two knives that are very attractive and I wouldn't part with them for any reason , but I pick up and carry the same few knives all the time . With the greatest respect to the talented guys who have designed my users they do have one thing in common , they are Plain !

I never really thought of this until I started…


Added by John Bamford on June 16, 2016 at 7:30 — 9 Comments

Red and black

Another one of my favourite tiny knives! Can't stop making them!

The steel is 1.2379 (D2), hardened up to about 61 HRc. OAL - 175mm, blade only - ~80x30x4mm. The handle is made of black corian and acacia with red fiber spacers. It is impregnated with linseed oil and polished with carnaiba wax. The sheath is calf blank, oiled with Vaseline.…


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The Wasp

After a long break - I sold my appartment and moved out, I started working again. 

This one is ordered as a gift - first knife for a newbie hunter. The customer - a friend of the hunter chose the shape of the blade and left me to choose the handle materials. At this time I was drawn by the Dark side of the Force, so I decided to put black corian and yellow and black composite wood and black fiber spacers. The steel is 1.2379 (D2), hardened up to 61 HRc. OAL - 230mm, blade -…


Added by Kiril Mitrashkov on June 14, 2016 at 22:30 — 2 Comments

Remington Bullets

I might not catch many peoples attentions here with this, but I am looking for a few Remington Bullet Knives. The original bullets from the 20s-30s. I am currently stuck on 11 and looking for the remaining 3. R1613 with bullet shield, R1263 two blade drop point, R4466 the baby muskrat. These are the 3 I am looking for at this time. I'd still be interested in seeing any other original bullets if someone has a few for sale. 

Thanks in advance!

Added by Justin Pumphrey on June 7, 2016 at 12:54 — No Comments

King TUT Knife

Try this knife for being "out of this world".  www.space.com/33037-king-tut-blade-made-of-meteorite.html.

Added by Sergi C. Heideman on June 1, 2016 at 9:15 — 1 Comment

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