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Last Blast For 2020.

Well, at least one thing went right in 2020, USPS just delivered this 1989 Buck #301 Stockman in Jigged Buck Bone. When I see one of these, especially in a model I don't have in BB, I bend backwards to see if I can snag it. Fortunately the seller was someone I purchased from before on the bay, and he had added a "Make An Offer" link to the listing, so I went for it. It was marked $45 BIN, which really isn't that bad, so I offered $35, he came back with $42, and I ended up getting it for $40…


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I Santafied Myself!

Case XX 6137 Pocket Worn Antique Bone Sodbuster Jr, the jig is Peachseed. Also got a Case XX 6318 Rough Black Medium Stockman with Rough Black scales, (ie; Gum Fuddy, indestructible). Though the Coping blade rubs on the Sheepsfoot blade leaving a scratch, I don't want to do a back & forth return during the holiday season, plus I am just going to use it anyway. I have a Case Seahorse Whittler with the same issue. What's up with Case 3-blade knives? Anyway, just wanted the Jr because it…


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Don't tell the Governor that I went junkin'!

I had to go to town today to drop off an Amazon return, and by golly found an open thrift store, (this is the first day of our new shutdown, so most businesses are closed). Apparently California considers thrift stores to be "essential" businesses, so I got to stop and walk through, masked and socially distanced of course. First find was an old Coleman Camp Stove I got for $10, you know, the old ones you have to fill with White Gas and pump up. Since Pacific Gas & Electric has threatened…


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And The Beat Goes on!

Here we go again! I already have two of these in perfect condition, so I found this slightly used version for cheap, (at least cheap for one of these), so I can use one as EDC. Buck #329 Trapper, (also known as "Freedom Trapper" when imprinted and in a gift tin). Needs a good cleaning as you can see, but after a few swipes on a steel and a strop it sharpened right up. This is the one and only yellow handled knife in my EDC rotation. I believe they were a special order, they came plain like…


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