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Buck 300 Series "Special Factory Order" Family Portrait

One of these days, after I stop spending all my disposable income on pocket knives I should buy myself a good DSLR camera. Trying to get a decent photo of pocket knives seems to elude me using the little Canon "point & shoot" that I have. Inside or outside I never seem to be able to get the light right. Oh well, inferior photo or not here is my collection of the Camillus-made Buck Special Factory Order knives made for and sold exclusively by Smoky Mountain Knife Works. In this photo are…


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Mission accomplished!

Since completing my Buck 300 Series collection, (ie; one of each regular model made by Camillus between 1972-1986), I have been on another mission; to collect one of each model of the Buck 300 Series SFO's, (special factory orders). It has taken me over two years to complete, but today's mail delivery put the final knife in my hands. I now have at least one of each model, (still working on one of each version, a whole other mission). Below are the latest arrivals; Buck #331 Grandaddy Barlow…


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Why I live where I live.

A friend's photos of tonight's sunset taken close to my apartment. I have family nearby, so that is my main reason to be here, but I would want to live here even if they weren't here I think. I have to live in a tiny place with no yard or storage and live with less, have to do without certain amenities, (like eating out, etc, etc), but those views and the weather......I hate living without a shop space or storage, but if I can't have those things so be it, I can live with…


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25th. Annual Big Sur Jade Festival

When I'm not playing with sharp objects or madly dashing across the country to rescue a relative, I help operate a small non profit called the South Coast Community Land Trust based in Big Sur, CA. I'm a Board Director and Secretary of the SCCLT, and Entertainment/Volunteer Director of our one big fund raising event each year, the Big Sur Jade Festival. We raise money for several community organizations, but our main focus is helping the students of the local K-12 public…


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California to Atlanta and back again (I hope)

While on my way back east to help my ailing sister I happened upon this place along Interstate 40 in Arizona. I managed to not spend any money, but believe me it was hard. Knowledgeable staff with a wonderful inventory of US-made knives, many hard to find special editions from every US manufacturer, (and more). Unfortunately their prices were a tad high for my budget, but my wish list at least doubled that's for sure. Nothing matches seeing a knife in person, they never look the same online,…


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On the radio again

Today will be the first time I will be in-studio live on the Dave Congalton Show, a local radio talk show on KVEC 920 AM, since my "Hunters Beware" thread was posted. Here is an online link if you want to listen in: http://920kvec.com/listen-live/.

I'll be on from 3 pm-4 pm PST today, (1-12-2016). We have no specific topic today, not even sure if we will be taking calls from listeners or not, but I am sure knife collecting…


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Trestle Pines Contest! I won!!

I can't seem to find the contest thread, so I'll post this here.

  I was just informed by Greg of Trestle Pine Knives that I have won their latest contest, and will be receiving one of their awesome hand-made knives sometime in January or Feb. I got excited and posted a response in the wrong thread, so hopefully Jan can remove that post and place it in the appropriate thread, (I can't seem to find the original contest thread). Needless to say I am…


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Buck #331 Grand Daddy Barlow

     In case you didn't know, SMKW, (Smokey Mountain Knife Works), has an Ebay store. Here's a link: http://stores.ebay.com/MVPs-Knives?_trksid=p2047675.l2563. They call it something else, but if you dig around on the store site you find the SMKW references. They have a quite a number of very nice, very delicious US-made knives for sale, some of them very seldom seen for sale, (like this Buck,…


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Case Caliber vs Gerber LST

I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, so I decided to put it here on my blog page.

I won the Case Carhartt Caliber here on IKC in one of Jan's contests, and have carried it daily since then, so obviously I like the knife a lot. Recently I ran across this Gerber at the local swap meet, (got it for $7.50), which I believe to be an "LST", or a model 400, (nothing other than "Gerber" and "Portland Oregon" are on the blade).. As you can see, they are very similar in size and shape,…


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24th. Annual Big Sur Jade Festival

 I wanted to share what I do as a community volunteer each year, I produce the Big Sur Jade Festival, a volunteer-run event that features the largest  lapidary show dedicated to jade in the country. I am a Director of the non profit, and my specific area is the entertainment venue. I'll attach a pdf of our entertainment flyer, and here is our website: http://www.bigsurjadefestival.org/.

What does this have to do with…


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Gotta meet this guy!

Hi guys. Here is a local knife artist I discovered today, who happens to be just down the road from me. I was listening to the Dave Congalton radio show today, (same show I was on last week), and Dave had a guy who manages a website featuring local artists where this particular local artist displays his works. Turns out his studio is nearby, and after reading about him I thought I'd share the site with you guys, it has some of his extremely innovative knives displayed. Seems he was raised by…


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Hunters Beware!

Thought my blog was the most appropriate place to post this.

First let me say that what happened to Cecil the lion was wrong. Bad hunt, sloppy kill, (took 40 hours), idiotic corrupt guides, pompous dumb ass hunter, etc, etc. However, I don't feel that dweeb dentist represents the average hunter, I think he's a disgrace, and not a responsible sportsman in any sense of the word. A responsible sportsman would never have put themselves in that position in the first place, but…


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Swap Meet Day!!

Well, I won't get a ticket in Tobias' "post in a group contest", but I want to document my finds from today's local swap meet.

First off, we have a small swap, not like the ones you might find in larger metro areas. Ours is a little bit of a throwback to the swaps we remember as kids, lots of used stuff, not that many dealers selling cheap Chinese junk. I'm finding that as far as knife collecting goes, our little local swap is a good place to find those hidden treasures at sometimes…


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Yard Sale Finds!

Thought I would put this on my blog page, I'm still struggling a little with the format of this forum, so I thought I would post today's collection of booty here. The little "city" next door, (Morro Bay, Ca; pop 10,000), is having their annual "Community Yard Sale" weekend, and here is what I scored today. The highlight was a Camillus USA nautical knife, jigged brown bone handle, no dents, scratches, very sharp main blade, and a beautiful patina. I'll be posting a photo of that on Tobias'…


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